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After School Program - Fall SemesterAfter School Programs09/15/201512/22/2015500 Details
After School Program - Spring SemesterAfter School Programs01/05/201605/17/2016500 Details
Chess, Introduction January-MarchGames01/11/201603/21/201699 Details
Chess, Let's Play Chess waitlistGames08/12/201512/31/201599 Details
Dog Run DonationMiscellaneous08/04/201112/31/201599 Details
ECFE-Family Fun-Wed AM Nov (birth-5yrs)ECFE11/11/201512/23/201522 Details
ECFE-Gingerbread House-12/15 (All ages)ECFE12/15/201512/15/201524 Details
ECFE-Hands and Feet-Mon PM (1-5yrs)ECFE11/02/201512/14/201520 Details
ECFE-School Times-Fri AM Nov (birth-5yrs)ECFE11/06/201512/18/201514 Details
ECFE-Snow Ball: Father/Daughter Dance 1/15ECFE01/15/201601/15/2016500 Details
ECFE-Terrific Tuesdays-Tues PM (birth-5yrs)ECFE11/10/201512/08/201521 Details
Gymnastics - MAG ClubGymnastics11/10/201502/25/201617 Details
Gymnastics, Bouncing Boys Gymnastics11/07/201512/19/201518 Details
Gymnastics, Hot ShotsGymnastics11/07/201512/19/201518 Details
Gymnastics, Junior TumblersGymnastics11/07/201512/19/201518 Details
Gymnastics, Junior Tumblers IIGymnastics11/07/201512/19/201519 Details
Gymnastics, Tiger StarsGymnastics11/07/201512/19/201518 Details
Gymnastics, Tiny TuckersGymnastics11/07/201512/19/201518 Details
HeartSaver CPR/FA Adult/Child/Infant 12/12CPR Classes12/12/201512/12/201599 Details
Hockey, Adult League wait listHockey08/13/201512/31/201599 Details
Ice Skate - Basic 1Ice Skating10/24/201512/12/201530 Details
Ice Skate - Basic 2Ice Skating10/24/201512/12/201520 Details
Ice Skate - Basic 3Ice Skating10/24/201512/12/201520 Details
Ice Skate - Basic 4Ice Skating10/24/201512/12/201550 Details
Ice Skate - Basic 5Ice Skating10/24/201512/12/201550 Details
Ice Skate - Basic 6Ice Skating10/24/201512/12/201550 Details
Ice Skate - Basic 7Ice Skating10/24/201512/12/201550 Details
Ice Skate - Basic 8Ice Skating10/24/201512/12/201550 Details
Ice Skate - Freestyle Levels 1-6Ice Skating10/24/201512/12/201550 Details
Ice Skate - PreschoolIce Skating10/24/201512/12/201518 Details
Let's Play Bridge!Games08/17/201512/21/201599 Details
Planning for a Confident Retirement 12/8Finances12/08/201512/08/201599 Details
Studio 1 DVD's 2015 FallStudio 1 - Sound Studio08/12/201512/31/2015500 Details
Studio 1 DVD's Shipping 2015Studio 1 - Sound Studio04/18/201512/31/201599 Details